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  • Imperial Skyport Updates

    Alpha has a ton of airships and connecting airship routes.  They connect the various cities and locations around the world for easier travel.  My original concept was based on World of Warcraft, where the player walks up a tower and waits at a dock for the airship to arrive and transport them to the other end.  In Minecraft, I’ve set it up so that you walk to the end of a dock, and are instantly transported (via a portal) to the corresponding dock on the other end of the route.

    The Airship Network has three major hubs, all located in the Imperial Republic of Denbar.  Agrazahn is by far the largest of the Skyports, as it has the most connections to other places.  It is also the central hub of trading in Alpha, so it made sense to have a major international skyport there.  Pelagrir also has a large international skyport, as it is the home of the airship builders.  Imperial City is the third and smallest hub.  It has connections to all the other cities in the Empire, except for one (it has a railway).

    I spent the last few days updating the three major skyport hubs, adding in some details, and expanding a bit.  I also added some large signs displaying the city name!  Special thanks to Perry for making the letter banners for me!

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  • New Imperial Senate

    I spent the last 2 days completely overhauling my Imperial Senate Building. It always felt too small, and a bit crowded.  It was also asymmetrical which bothered me.

    The building now has a central dome, and two wings.  The offices are much larger inside now too.  As a side effect of this, I overhauled my large Map Room.  I rearranged them and made the maps fit better, but I needed to expand a few to fill up the walls properly.  This is where I ran into an ancient issue.  The maps in the my Map Room were made eons ago, before they overhauled the map grid system. I couldn’t expand the maps, as new maps dont line up with the old ones. I had to redo ALL my maps.  Luckily, two provinces turned out to be on the new grid system.

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  • New Location: Depot Village

    I started working on a new location tonight.  Its a small mining village along the railway between Graycleft and The Deep.  There is a great cavern along the railroad that has a natural minecart system crossing it, with a high up bridge and such.  I plan on building a small dwarvish mining village here!  So far, all I’ve constructed is the railway station. I had to put a break in the line between Graycleft and The Deep. Now you stop at Depot, and have to get in a cart to continue along.

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  • Updates at Cair Denbar

    I got back into Minecraft a bit the last few days.  I overhauled a few sections of Cair Denbar, needed to make the private areas a bit more secure.  My biggest hurdle was that the Dining Hall was deep within the Royal Keep, which is the section I wanted more secure.  I ended up creating a new Dining Hall that still had good access to the kitchens (without moving the kitchens).  It actually seats more than the old hall, and has a much higher ceiling.  I also moved several other places in hot-potato fashion.  The old Dining Hall became the new Royal Academy, the old Royal Academy became the new Emperor’s Study, and the old Emperor’s Study became the Chancellor’s Study, right off the main hall.  Let the Chancellor deal with the public I say.

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  • Imperial City Updates

    What started out as a simple project to fill in a portion of the harbor for some new land quickly snowballed into a major project to update a good portion of the city.

    The new buildings in the harbor ended up being taller than all the surrounding buildings, so I had to do some updates to make the neighborhood look right.  I added some floors to a few buildings and updated a few others.  I added alot onto the Bank, including a golden dollar sign on the roof.  I then went on to overhaul one of the oldest city squares by adding a statue of a Wizard, and then onto the Marketplace where I made some buildings taller and added two new ones.

    I finally removed an ancient section of city wall that was between the Old City and the Marketplace that served no purpose anymore.  I kept the gates but removing the wall allowed me to add in some new buildings.