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  • Diablo 3: Now with more playability!

    I’ve gone back to Diablo 3.  After the last few patches, it doesn’t suck anymore!  I’ve actually made it to Act III in Inferno.  Before I was stuck on the first enemy in Act II.  (poison = bad)

    I’m not really sure which part of the changes makes it better, but overall its just… better!  And the new Monster Level system is pretty badass.  You can adjust the power of the monsters from 1-10.  Quin and I started new characters the other day, and we’ve been playing with level 10 monsters from the beginning.  In the middle of Act II, and we’re already level 26!  It boosts the bad guys power, life, and your magic find. Or something like that.

    Anyways, Diablo 3 is much better now.  If you played it before, TRY IT AGAIN!  Now if they’d just get off their asses and develop the PvP system…

  • Diablo 3 Coma

    Holy crap, I haven’t posted much of anything here in my blog for a LONG time.  I blame it on Diablo 3.  It came out, and it has consumed my life for the last….  I forget how long now.  Too lay to look at a calendar.

    So far, I only have two characters.  A level 60 Barbarian who just started Act 2 of Inferno, and a level 20 Wizard I think is somewhere in Act 2 Normal.  I need a break though.. I love my barbarian, but holy crap, Inferno gets HARD.  I managed to kill the Butcher single-handedly in Inferno, but the fist batch of enemies in Act 2 eats me alive!  Damn poison spitting bugs… I hate bugs.

  • Evil has returned

    After the longest day at work EVER, I finally got home and played several hours of Diablo III 🙂  I’m level 8 i think.. I was forced to take a break finally.  The server kicked me off and wouldn’t me back, so its break time!

    I had to start with a barbarian.  They’ve always been my favorite in Diablo, and so far I’m loving it!!!  Cleave is fun 🙂  I like all the new stuff in the game, how alot of things are semi-WoW like.  But not TOO WoW like.  Which is a good thing.

    Anyways, I need a break. Yay Diablo!!!