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  • Ultimate Frustration

    I think I’ve reached the end of the road with calendars and Drupal 8.

    None of the plugins I had found worked, so I came up with the brilliant idea of making a copy of my handwritten calendar on TRC and trying it out.  Well, in concept, it was a great idea.  I tried to implement it this afternoon, and it went horribly awry.  Drupal 8 doesn’t let you connect to external databases the same way Drupal 7 does.  None of my MySQL commands will work, nothing will connect.  Drupal 8 wants me to include the DB into its core configuration, which is fine and dandy and all that.  It just means I’d need to rewrite a ton of code in my calendar…. I’ll need to make all the SQL calls use the friggen Drupal API.  I’m not sure I’m ready to get that deep into this.  The Calendar code scares me in places… its a hodge-podge of over 10 years of recompiled insanity.  The final product works and looks amazing, but the back-end is a pretty scary place.

    I guess for now, its back to the drawing board for the new Bradford Website calendar.  I have no idea what to do.

    This has also put the brakes on my TRC Drupal 8 upgrade project for the indefinite future.  If it was just the calendar, it would be one thing.  However, TRC has multiple locations that use an external DB.  The calendar, directory, webcams, several rss feeds, and i’m sure more I can’t even think of right now.  Re-coding all those scripts to use the Drupal 8 API is going to take me a lifetime.

    I hate to say it, but I’m probably going to end up putting off the TRC upgrade until they actually stop supporting 7.  We’ll see….

  • The Obligatory Drupal 8 Calendar Rant

    So I’ve been working on upgrading a website to Drupal 8.  Everything has gone along pretty smoothly, considering.  Until I got to the Calendar.

    Drupal 8 has been out since 2015, and there is STILL no fully functioning calendar module that can compare to Drupal 7.  I’m quite frustrated, as I’ve tried every option out there, and none of them can give me even close to the same functionality I had on the old website!  I’m ready to start pulling my hair out over this.

    I’ve decided to step back and breathe.  I’m starting to think it would be simpler to setup a watered-down copy of the TRC Community Calendar.  I wrote it myself using PHP and MySQL, and it works damn well.  The forms are a bit more complex than should be, and the back-end will give you nightmares if you try to understand it, but the thing works.

    I just can’t understand how in 3 years nobody has gotten this calendar shit figured out yet.  It totally baffles me.

  • Drupal 8 Woes

    In looking at the scope of the project to upgrade TRC to Drupal 8, I realize I need a smaller project to wet my feet first.  The conversion is going to take a lot of time and work, so I want to get a bit familiar with what needs to get done.

    I decided to start by upgrading the Town of Bradford website.  It also runs on Drupal 7, as it was created using TRC as a template.  It is my only other active Drupal site, and it is quite small in comparison to TRC.  It should make for a good test run to get familiar with.

    I started working on it this afternoon, and it already is still more work than I was hoping for.  No custom blocks will migrate over, which means they all need to be redone manually.  This isn’t such a huge deal with Bradford, but there are over 100 blocks on TRC and I am NOT looking forward to rebuilding them all.

    The pages and “content” of the site (articles, documents, etc) all migrated nicely.  I just need to rebuild most of the pages and views.  This means that a large chunk of TRC might import properly, with a few hurdles to jump over.  The biggest challenge so far is going to be rebuilding all the blocks by hand.


  • The Time Has Come

    I’ve been working alot on TRC lately, updating the directory and the calendar. I’ve realized its time for an overdue project that I’ve been putting off. TRC runs on Drupal 7, which is becoming outdated. The site needs to get a major upgrade to Drupal 8.

    This is by no means a simple process. You cant just upgrade – its a good bit of work. I’m starting to put together what needs to be done so I can start working on it. Its going to be awhile…

    On the upside, Drupal 8 works MUCH better with mobile 🙂