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  • New & Improved Graycleft

    I’ve finished my work in Graycleft!  The entire city has been upgraded, and I even got a special new project in. There is now a fully-functional railway system between Graycleft and The Deep.  Special thanks to Chas for doing some amazing work!

    I ended up changing the color of the tower roofs in the city.  I also expanded the church a good bit, and increased the height of the skytower.  Bonus points to anyone who knows where I got the name for the grand hotel 😉

    For my next trick, I’m going to do a big overhaul of the Minecraft section of my website.  As of this month, my Minecraft world is 5 years old!  Makes for a good time to update the website and show off more of my stuff 🙂

  • Graycleft Update

    The western side of Graycleft is done.  I finished updating and filling in the western neighborhood.  You’ll see buildings marked with red on top in the pictures, these are the buildings I still need to overhaul/teardown/update.

  • No Mexicans were harmed in the construction of this Wall

    Progress continues in Graycleft. I decided to cross the river with the new wall.  Fitting that big new gate in where the old gate was on the bridge just wasn’t going to work.  The new gate fits nicely across the river, at the other end of the bridge.

    I’m not sure what to do on the other side of the river, where its desert.  I may knock the corner in and not have quite so much land, but I can’t decide.  I also had an idea to build a hotel over there, as this is my only city without a “grand hotel”.  Was thinking some kind of resort/casino deal maybe.  Another option is to move the sugarcane farm just outside the wall down along the riverside and inside the wall. I could possibly do both, as I don’t imagine the hotel taking up ALL that space.

    I also updated Graycleft Keep.  I was going to add an entire floor, but it just didn’t look right.  I also couldn’t figure out what more to add to it, to be honest.  Instead of expanded the addition side of the building, toward the big tower.  Made for a bigger library upstairs. I also turned the throne room and did away with the door it had directly onto the square outside.

  • Wall Progress in Graycleft

    I continued working on the new city walls in Graycleft tonight.  They’re coming along nicely.  I’m debating now whether I should continue them across the river and truly wall in the city.  Or I could put them along the waterfront, but I’d have to sacrifice the waterfront area.

    What does everyone think? Should the walls surround the entire city, or is it ok to leave the section along the river/lake/water un-walled?

    I’ve also enclosed  some land on either side of the original city to expand a bit.  This is mostly because I plan on building slightly larger buildings than before, so there probably wont be a TON more buildings, just nicer ones.  Most of the surface streets are going to be re-aligned as well.

    This may look like a larger project than it is, because the central part of the city is actually build deep down into a ravine.  I’m just working on the surface portions 🙂

  • Graycleft Updates

    After I finished my updates in Imperial City, I went looking for some more to do. I’m not ready to move onto a new build yet, and I have a lot of older places that need updates.  I went off looking around and came across Graycleft.  It is my third oldest city after Imperial City and Agrazahn, and I have kept it relatively small in comparison on purpose for some time now.  It literally hasn’t changed in two years.

    I got looking it over and started to feel it really needs to be brought up to date.  A lot of the buildings are small compared to what I build now, and the city wall is quite lackluster.  To start, I’m building an all-new city wall, which is also going to give the city a BIT more room to build and expand.  I’m still keeping it small, as I like the feel it currently has.  I’m pretty much just squaring the city off.

    What does everyone think of the walls?