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  • Cartography is a passion

    I’ve always liked maps.  Not really sure where it comes from, but I have.  And that has passed over into Minecraft.  I tediously created maps ages ago and then marked them up with locations and borders and such.  Downside to this, is updating the maps takes eons – let alone creating them.

    So I found a new method.  MCAMap is a program that loads up the entire saved world, and generates the entire thing into map form.  It took a little over an hour for my i5 laptop to perform this, but my GOD the results are amazing!

    Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.47.52 PMLook at that detail!

    I had to spend a few nights converting all the data from the old map over to the new one, but it was worth it in the end. I’m much more satisfied with the map now, AND, its actually a map of the entire known world!!

    The full-sized file of this map is ENORMOUS.  16896 x 1484 pixels. 752 MB.

    I did scale it down a bit for viewing if anyone is interested: Full Map of Alpha

  • Mentok the Cartographer

    I spent the weekend mapping.  It had been over a year since I created the base maps for my world map, back before they overhauled the mapping system in Minecraft.  I also got to explore some new lands, and got very irritated by some of the world generation glitches.  You can see what I mean by the large vertical shore lines in the west and south.

    Alpha – The Known World

    Alpha – Seth's Continent