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  • TV Automation Success!

    I had a breakthrough in re-automating my television series downloads today!  A few years back, I was using some random program that would grab torrent files for me and pretty much automated the download process for new TV shows, except for the sorting aspect.

    Yesterday I started looking into a program called Sonarr.  It does exactly what I was looking for, and a lot more!  It integrates with my torrent downloaded, and it even sorts the episode files into the proper directories on the Plex server. It also scans that files I already have and tells me what I’m missing!  I found quite a few random episodes of different shows here and there that I was missing for god knows what reasons.  I love this software!

    Tonight will be its first live test.  There are several shows on tonight that I download, so we’ll see how it works out.  It worked amazing in all my tests, and even helped me get some of the missing episodes.  (I had to go digging manually for some others as they were QUITE old and hard to find.)

  • TV Show Update

    I have something to confess.  I just watched That 80’s Show.  No, that isn’t a typo, I meant 80.  It was pretty horrible, I’ll admit.  Only had 13 episodes, not even an entire season.  It had some funny parts, but overall…. meh.  Only person I recognized on it was the main character.  That actor plays Dennis on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    Now I’ve moved onto a comedy classic.  Reno 911!  This show can seem horrible at times, but overall it makes me laugh 🙂

    Anyone got any suggestions for good TV shows?  Leave comments!!

  • Recent TV Shows & More

    I’ve been on a TV binge.  Which honestly, is pretty standard for me. I pick a series, and I watch it from beginning to end.  Its really a bad habit.  I’ve watched quite a few shows lately!

    This show is awesome!  The crazy shit just never stops happening.  I can’t get enough!  This show should win awards. The family is so dysfunctional, yet entirely functional, it just makes you wanna watch more.

    Breaking Bad
    Multiple people kept telling me I had to watch this show, over and over again. I finally broke down and watched, and I really like it!  Now I’m just sad that its the final season this summer.  My favorite character in this show is Saul Goodman.  He’s the perfect shady lawyer a “criminal” lawyer.  He’s the type of lawyer everyone needs!

    Monica got me hooked on this show.  I always liked David Duchovny in X-Files, so I had to give it a try.  Its pretty damn good!  But holy crap, the sex.  SOOO much sex in this show.  Its too much at times.  Also, it just simply isn’t that possible to pickup women THAT easily.

    In other media related news, I broke down and got Hulu Plus.  Holy. Crap. The tv shows.  Its intense.  But on the plus side, they have 163 episodes of Rocky & Bullwinkle.  😀

  • Movie Review: Iron Sky

    I first saw the trailer for this many months ago, and tonight I finally sat down to watch it.  The simplest way to put it, is Nazi’s in Space.  Its pretty hilarious!

    The Nazi’s have been living on the Moon for 50 or so years.  Now they’re coming back to cleanse the Earth.  To make it even sillier, they made a doppelganger for Sarah Palin the president of the US.  There’s even a US spaceship named the George W. Bush, referred to as a Mars exploration Vessel.  Yet it is armed with several hundred nuclear missiles.

    I laughed.  I laughed some more.  I highly recommend this movie 😀

  • Disney & Lucasfilm

    I have mixed feelings about Disney buying Lucasfilm for $4+ Billion.  Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel.  I love Star Wars.  I’m just afraid by dragging it out to episodes 7, 8, 9 and more may be a bad thing.  And Lucas has always been in direct control of everything.  Now it says he’ll just be a Creative Consultant.  I’m just… nervous.

    That is all.