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  • Minecraft Progress

    Just finished my updates to Port Harbor.  Now I can proceed with making my set of videos.

    The Great Desert has two settlements – Port Harbor and Agrazahn City.  Port Harbor is a port town on a peninsula at the edge of the desert.  Agrazahn is a large trade city in the heart of the desert, spanning a river.

    Since its pretty late, I'll be doing them tomorrow 🙂

  • Port Harbor: Now taking bids on reconstruction project

    I've burned out building Southron.  I can't find motivation to build one of the next areas yet.  So I wandered around tonight looking for a different project to work on.  I stumbled across Port Harbor again.  It was the first "small" town I ever built.  Its one of the oldest places I've built, and I'm just not happy with it anymore.  Everything there is small, like really small. It looks great from a distance, but when you're walking around it the inside of the buildings are just uber-tiny.

    I think I'm going to reconstruct some of it.  Well, most of it.  Probably just slightly short of a complete leveling.  A few of the larger buildings will stay, but most of them just need to be rebuilt.  I'm also going to expand a little.  Granted, theres no more land, but there's a shallow sunken island next to it that I can build some stilted buildings on 🙂  

    So that's my next project.  I need a break from Southron, its just too big and consuming to do all at once.