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  • Project 42 is complete

    I finished Project 42.  Technically I was done a few weeks ago, but when I finished work on the castle, it kind of overflowed out into the city a little bit.  I had some buildings in the Old City (oldest portion of Imperial City, directly outside the Castle Gate) that really needed some updates. They were too small.

    I ended up expanding the Halls of Knowledge a little bit, adding some floors to a few buildings, tearing down two small buildings and building one larger one and so on.

    To finish things off, I did a major overhaul on one of my oldest sites in the Old City – the Soothsayer Inn & Pub.  It was the first inn/hotel I built anywhere, and it was desperately in need some updates. I overhauled the entire inside, and even added a whole floor and a new roof.

  • Massive progress on Project 42

    I spent a few hours last night and all day today actually working on the REAL building.  I leveled half the mountain last night, and copied in the prototype building section by section.  I spent this morning attaching to the existing structures, and filling in the new bits of castle.

    I’ve done some furnishing on 2 floors, and still have a good bit to go.  I spent quite some time upgrading my Throne Room, and I’m QUITE happy with it 🙂  I still have to finish the roof on the Throne Room, and figure how tall I want the new round tower to be (I haven’t copied it from the prototype yet).  I’m not looking forward to re-setting up the fireworks display and the false roof that hides it.

  • Project 42: Progress continues

    The Planning Phase is nearly complete.  I’m being pretty anal about this project, I know.  I’m just so nervous about knocking down half of my “crown jewel”.  I really am liking my plans though!  My prototype structure is enormous, but its letting me pick locaitons for all the interior places I need to relocate much easier than gutting and going “oh shit, what was here before?”

    I am getting pretty stumped on where I want to locate some things though.  As part of this expansion, I need to include some sort of Imperial Senate Chamber, and some simple offices for the 8 Senators.  I’m just torn on where to put the dang thing.  I have a few options, but I’m still debating amongst myself.

    Here’s some pictures.  Each one has some details about it in the description, so check them out!

  • Project 42: Planning Phase

    I did a bit more planning this evening, and took a bunch of pictures to share.

    This project will involve moving my church 3 blocks north to accomodate the new structure that I’m planning. Thanks to WorldEdit, this won’t be such a horrible project.  As simple as copy and paste really 🙂

    I went off into the backyard of Cair Denbar and I’ve constructed a sort of template or testing structure based on my measurements of the area I have to work in, including the spots where it will connect to the already existing structures.  This gives me the ability to play around and figure out how I want it BEFORE I level half the structure, and then decide I don’t like it.  Yes, I’m paranoid.  This castle is like my baby. haha

    I’m actually looking at a LOT of new, created space.  Which is good, as the main purpose for this reconstruction is to make things more spacious, a bit larger-feeling.  I also need to create some new space for the Imperial Senate.  Right now I’m arguing with myself over where to place the main hallways.  I’ve always had an issue with where to locate the stairs up to the Throne Room, as its upstairs from the “main level” of the whole castle.  I’ve honestly relocated them 3 or 4 times already.  This time around, I’m considering changing the approach of the main hallway, so it won’t interfere with the stairs quite so much.

    Its all still a work in progress.  If you want to follow my progress on this project, make sure to bookmark this link!

  • Cair Denbar: Project 42

    It has come to pass. I have begun a project that is nigh unthinkable. It involves leveling and rebuilding 3+ buildings/structures at Cair Denbar.

    I’m waiting for the shock to wear off still. This project was just a vague idea a month ago, and I had been planning to work on Arthur’s Crossing next. As it turns out, I just couldn’t find the creative juices in Arthur’s Crossing. Cair Denbar was hiding them this time.

    I’ll get into further detail of my plans tomorrow. And when I have a full keyboard. Silly smartphones make my thumbs hurt after awhile lol.