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  • Nearing Completion

    Wow… the New TRC is actually nearing completion!!!  I finished up most of the grunt-work this weekend.  Now I just got a bunch of minor things that need tweaking.  All the major creation and conversion is complete.  I also need to figure out my new color scheme, and redo our logo for the finished product.  Then its just a matter of setting google adsense up, and getting some feedback 😀

  • Operation: Modernize – Progress Report

    Progress is coming along nicely.  I've got a lot of content moved over, a bunch of new stuff setup, and things are just going along smoothly.  

    A lot of things are going to be changing on TRC.  For starters, the main site menu is being completely overhauled.  I've reorganized most of the site content into the following sections:

    • News
    • Government
    • Organizations
    • Visitors

    I think it was pretty obvious that our site menu had gotten out of hand several years back, and is FAR too long as it currently is.  This will help to streamline things quite a bit!

    Looking over my laundry list of things that need to be done, I've got the Visitors section, Town Office pages, Submit forms, and then a bunch of little things here and there to finish up. I've taken a risky step, and set a deadline for all this.  I'm hoping to have everything up and running by Labor Day.  I figure if I have a date to aim for, I'm more likely to work on things.

    If anyone would like to be a guinea pig and check out the progress, send me a message or email or smoke signal, and I'll let you look around 🙂

  • TRC Progress

    I'm making good progress in my TRC Overhaul.  I've got the majority of my custom php content moved and working great!  Tonight I spent toying with the article system, and I think I got the hang of it.  I even got it so I can have a news article tagged for say, the Milo Library. And I can make it show up on their page!  I'm quite proud of this actually.  I figured it was going to be alot more complicated than it was haha.

    But enough for now.  Still a looooong ways to go.

  • Weekend Statistics

    Here are some numbers from my weekend:

    • 8 Towns
    • 175 Pictures
    • 1 Amazing afternoon in the pool
    • 1 Crack in my windshield

    I spent the weekend in Milo working on a massive project related to my TRC Overhaul.  I spent two days covering all eight towns taking pictures for the new website.  Most of the pictures currently on TRC are WAAAY outdated, and it was time.  I figured with two bright sunny days, it was time. I got 175 pictures in total, most of which are duplicates. I wanted to make sure I had options in case something came out blurry!

    I then spent the afternoon floating in the pool at my parents, and I loved it! I really miss having a pool. I need to visit more often.

    But then, on my way out of the driveway to head home to Searsport, I noticed a damn crack in my windshield. It had to be caused by the heat or something, as it WASN'T there when I got back from taking pictures.  I'm slightly irritated over it. But its down low on the passenger side, so it isn't a hazard or anything.  Sigh.

  • TRC Progress Update

    I spent most of my 4 day mini-vacation working on Operation: Modernize (aka my TRC Overhaul).  As of tonight, I have completed Stage Two, Phase One: Static Content.  I've got all the simple, non-changing content converted over to the new platform.  The next phase is converting the custom PHP content, which consists of the Calendar and the Directory. I'm hoping I can keep them in their current state, and essentially forklift them into Drupal. 

    Wish me luck, I'll probably start tomorrow.  All done for tonight.  

  • Progress Continues

    My progress on the TRC Overhaul is progressing, albeit slowly.  I'm working on converting the content of the entire site into a Drupal installation.  Its taking some effort…

    So far I've gotten through a chunk of the static content, but I've run into a stumbling block with the maps section.  I'm putting the map legend into a block, but I can't seem to get it to keep it size properly.  Its frustrating me so much, I have to stop.  

    I'm afraid it might be something with the theme I'm using, but I really like it. Its easily customizable, and works well for what I need.  I guess I need to look some things over.  I'm done for tonight though.