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  • Progress in Verata

    I’ve made some progress in Verata.  I’ve mostly finished the Citadel of Healing and the City Hall already, but now I’ve added some temples and a church.  All 3 of my major religions are going to have presences in this city.

  • Verata: Citadel of Healing

    I finished up the general layout and exterior for the Citadel of Healing today.  Next I need to figure out where I’m going to place the other major buildings, mainly the City Hall and the churches.  This is going to be a different city, as all my major religions will have churches and presences in this city.

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  • Minecraft Strikes Yet Again

    The Minecraft bug has struck again. I finally got back to working on Verata. I fleshed out the “Great Hall of Healing” a bit more.  Yes, its a medieval hospital.  I also tried my hand at a building style inspired by one I found online.  I’m not too sure I like the red sandstone… it blends in with literally everything too much.

  • Minecraft is back

    I found my way back into Minecraft this weekend.  I finally picked a location for the future Free City of Verata, my first build in a Mesa Biome.  Its gonna be a large, spread out city most likely built of mainly clay.

    I also started a project I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  The expansion of East Harbor in Imperial City.  The harbor is pretty useless, as when it was first built I thought the city was on the coast, but it turned out to be a sea with a narrow connection to the real ocean.  So decent sized ships can actually MAKE it to this harbor, it doesn’t have much use except for say local fishing.  And as we all know, this city can always utilize more land.  So I’ve decided to fill in a portion of the harbor to create some new land for expansion.