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  • Debit Card Hacked

    I tried to use my Debit Card at the store this morning, and it got rejected 🙁  Wasn't sure why, figured it mighta been a fluke.  A few hours later, I got a call from the credit protection department at my bank!  Apparently someone had attempted to use my card for a bunch of fraudulent charges.  Hooray.  Now I need to get a new card!

    The only real downside to this is I didn't get to do my laundry today 🙁  I had no cash to turn in to quarters lol.  Gotta wait till I can retrieve some money from a bank tomorrow.


  • Weekend Statistics

    Here are some numbers from my weekend:

    • 8 Towns
    • 175 Pictures
    • 1 Amazing afternoon in the pool
    • 1 Crack in my windshield

    I spent the weekend in Milo working on a massive project related to my TRC Overhaul.  I spent two days covering all eight towns taking pictures for the new website.  Most of the pictures currently on TRC are WAAAY outdated, and it was time.  I figured with two bright sunny days, it was time. I got 175 pictures in total, most of which are duplicates. I wanted to make sure I had options in case something came out blurry!

    I then spent the afternoon floating in the pool at my parents, and I loved it! I really miss having a pool. I need to visit more often.

    But then, on my way out of the driveway to head home to Searsport, I noticed a damn crack in my windshield. It had to be caused by the heat or something, as it WASN'T there when I got back from taking pictures.  I'm slightly irritated over it. But its down low on the passenger side, so it isn't a hazard or anything.  Sigh.