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  • The end is near

    My Warcraft account runs out next Friday… Not sure I’m going to renew it.  Really don’t have the money to begin with, and I doubt my brother will pay for another two months.  Think I’m gonna take a break till Cataclysm comes out in December.  Hopefully I can have enough money saved up by then.

    In the meantime, I need a new game to keep myself busy with.  Already leaning towards a stint with Civilization IV…..

  • Death Knights Rule & Other Stories

    I love my Death Knight.  He’s like I always wanted my Warrior to be…. a REAL melee character.  He does ridiculous amounts of damage, and its just so much fun!  I was really proud the other day.  I took down a level 68 elite by myself, and i was barely level 66.  It was great!

    In other WoW news, I’ve been having fun with the Hallow’s End stuff.  I’m going for the full achievement on my Warrior, and I’ve already got a good portion of it done!  Where he’s level 80, every time you pickup candy at an inn its worth 6 gold, which is nothing to snuff at!  On everyone else, its worth pretty damn good experience.  My DK got a shit-ton of XP just from trick or treating 🙂  Its a good time of year.

  • WoW: Patch 4.0.1

    Patch 4.0.1, the first portion of Cataclysm, came out this week.  So far, I’m loving it!  All the skill trees have been completely revamped, along with many aspects of the game.  So far, my Warlock is more powerful, my Mage is FUN, and my DK kicks some serious ass now.

  • WoW Update

    Sethen – Level 80 Tauren Warrior
    Sethen is currently working on his skinning and mining.  Tonite i spent an hour or so doing some Brewfest stuff with him!

    Agafnd – Level 48 Orc Warlock
    Agafnd has been doing dungeon queues with Eric for awhile, but Eric being in a hurry to hit 80 has left me behind.  Working on some warlock class quests, and probably going to start questing in Un’Goro Crater.

    Hipriesttim – Level 24 Undead Priest
    I’ve been playing this toon exclusively with Eric lately.  We’re the perfect combo.  Healer priest, and tank paladin.  We get instant dungeon queues!

    Milfspunker – Level 11 Troll Mage
    Started playing this guy with Cory.. He’s got a paladin the same level.  Need to play more.

    Sethvir – Level 55 Undead Death Knight
    Just barely started this one.  Need to get back to him.  I think he’s just going to quests 🙂