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  • ‘Twas the night before Christmas

    I’m in Milo for Christmas.  Opened presents with my brother and his girlfriend this evening.  I got all 8 Harry Potter Movies!!  I got Cory all 6 Star Wars movies on BluRay 😀  He also got me this silly South Park Kit, with posters, a coffee mug, magnets and more.  Its pretty kewl.

    Watching the tail end of Home Alone 2 with Dad right now.  I haven’t actually watched it in quite a few years.  Lizzy is drunk off her Christmas catnip mouse and quite entertaining to watch right now.

    I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

  • As Arda Turns…

    Today went pretty well.  I traded my big clunky iMac keyboard in at work for one of the slimmer sexy iMac keyboards 🙂  I’ve always wanted one.  Now it takes up less space on my desk!

    I gave Jess a Crock Pot cookbook for her birthday, and tonight she made Beef & Mushroom Stew in it, but with moose meat.  MMMMMMM was it ever delicious!  Thanks for the leftover moose meat Mom!!

    And to finish my day off, I’ve finally gotten my Christmas shopping for my family out of the way.  All in all, I suppose that means its been a good day.  Now I’m off to watch last night’s Late Late Show and go to bed.

    (And for those of you trying to figure out what Arda means, here’s a nifty definition.)