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  • Penquis Valley Band Videos

    A few years back, I collected up all the home videos my Dad made of my band performances and made him a DVD.  I went to make a copy of the DVD a few months back, and ran into copy-protect issues for no apparent reason.  To make a copy, I was going to have to import them all into the computer, and reburn it.  Then a brilliant idea struck me.  If I’m going to import them, why bother with a DVD?  YouTube is so much more convenient!

    This afternoon I uploaded all the videos to YouTube, except for one.  The final video on the disc had severe issues being imported, and after the fourth try I gave up.  Here’s a link to the playlist with all the band videos 🙂 The videos span 1991 to 1998.

  • YouTube Updates

    I broke down and migrated my Minecraft videos over to my other YouTube account.  It’ll just be simpler that way, not having to manage two channels for no real reason.  While updating things, I found out that NOW I can actually create multiple channels.  Before when I tried, it was a fluke with a Google Apps account (where I use sethen.com with google) that you couldn’t create multiple channels.  Apparently that has been fixed, and nobody told me.  Good going Google!  Not that it matters now, I’m not popular enough haha.  But if I ever do get popular, I CAN make another channel again.  Not sure I can use the same url again.. but who cares. Here’s the link:


    Also, I was completely shocked that one of my videos has 1,300 views!  Here it is, for your entertainment pleasure 😀

  • The Great YouTube Debate

    While sitting here waiting for massive chunks of the ITE website to upload (part of a large web migration project, I might write about it later), I’ve been toying around with some things on my website and beyond.

    I currently have 2 YouTube accounts…. And I’m debating if I should just use one.  I’ve had my own personal one for years now, but there’s one hitch with it.  Its so old, it predates Google buying YouTube, so its stuck with my non-google username.  LlamasinDisguise.  It really doesn’t bother me, its still an awesome username.  But at one point, I wanted to try and get my Minecraft videos out there, and didn’t want it under LlamasinDisguise.  I decided to jump through some flaming hoops, and then over a row of busses, etc etc, and setup a MentokMinecraftr account.

    The one thing I’ve discovered, is my new account has had hardly ANYONE view it.  The vids have like 4-20 views and whatnot.  On my old account, 4 subscribers, and almost 4,000 views.  I’m thinking it would make more sense to just put the Minecraft videos onto my original account, and make a sub-section for it.  It would be MUCH simpler to manage too, as the other account requires me to log into a different gmail.  (I had this whole evil issue with Google Apps not being able to have multiple youtube blah blah blahs.  It was quite infuriating.)

    Anyone got an opinion?

  • Crazy New Idea

    After watching MINECON 2013 for two days straight, I've come up with a crazy, er brilliant new idea.  I think I'm going to spend some time and make some simple videos showing off the things in my Minecraft World.  Pictures are nice, but they aren't really the best way to show off a 3D world.

    This leads me to a dilemma.  My YouTube account is currently setup as the Llamas in Disguise channel.  As far as I can tell, its impossible to change the name of that once its been picked.  Should I just keep using that, or create a whole new channel?  Decisions, decisions. I'm thinking new channel just for Minecraft videos is a better idea.  Llamas in Disguise has been essentially defunct for quite a few years now… sadly.  (if anyone reading this has NO idea what Llamas in Disguise was, I encourage you to click the link and watch the videos).

    Anyone got an opinion?