Pretty good day

Today turned out pretty decent.  Relaxed, watched some Stargate (Hallowed are the Ori), and played a good amount of Civ4.  Spent the evening at Eric’s watching and helping him play Fallout: New Vegas.  Its a gorgeous game!!

Eric’s dog Sylar makes me laugh so hard.  He’s rough, tough, chases down mailmen and cars, but he’s scared to death of a little mouse in the kitchen.  He spent an hour growling, barking, and being a general pansy.  It was quite hilarious!!

Need to get some real work done tomorrow… I’ve been slacking off alot lately.  Goes withe being stressed and lonely.  Need to get back on this horse…  look for a job, get some web design work done, a bunch of different crap.  My to do list is getting too long haha.