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  • Busy Day

    I had a busy day in Milo today.  I went up for the grand opening of the shiny new Visitor’s Center that the Kiwanis built.  Saw some people I hadn’t seen in awhile, took a few pictures (that my phone then magically decided it never took).

    I spent the afternoon helping Dad clean out his shed. I ended up with a literal truck load of STUFF that was once mine.  On the upside, I did find my big awning tent that Dad thought someone else had.  It was just hiding in the far back of the shed.  I also found my NES and SNES!  I haven’t even dared to plug them in yet… Especially since the case of the NES is in two pieces for some odd reason.  Now if I could just locate the missing box with all the games in it… Only found a few with the systems.  I also managed to grab my hammock!

    Dad and I then spent a bit of the afternoon wandering around Evergreen Cemetery in Milo.  I was going over a bunch of the genealogy stuff I’d found lately, and suddenly we were looking for graves in the cemetery.  We didn’t find much we didn’t already know about. I need to put together a list and he’s going to talk to his buddy Bob who runs the cemetery. He has a fancy book with the location of everyone in it and can at least point us in the right direction.

    Now I must go, Buddy is being needy and wants attention. He hates that I left him alone last night.

  • Sleeping Madness

    Its been a weird few days.  For those of you who don’t know, I had a sleep study done a few weeks ago and it turns out I have severe sleep apnea.  I got my sleep apnea equipment on Friday.  When I went to pick it up, it was a bit of a shock when they expected a $555 copay that nobody had told me about up to that point, as well as the shock it was going to cost me $158 a month to rent the equipment. Getting past that, I got home that night and used the equipment for the first time.

    It turns out when they did the sleep study, they started me out on a CPAP device, but then switched me in the middle of the night to a more advanced BiPAP machine (without ever telling me).  I had a hard time falling asleep with the BiPAP, as it switches between two pressures.  I tried to fall asleep for an hour, but it wasn’t happening.  I got back up all stressed and smoked a cigarette.  I eventually went back to bed and managed to sleep for 4 hours.  I had some pretty odd and vivid dreams, so I know it hit REM sleep, which is great!  I woke up freezing and got up to turn up the heat a notch, and then promptly fell back asleep before I remembered to put the sleep mask back on.

    So that was my first night. I woke up mid-morning, feeling pretty rested actually.  Went about my Saturday as normal. That evening, I was cleaning up around the house. I took a short break to sit down in my recliner and pet the cat about 7pm.  The next thing I know, I wake up and its 3 in the damn morning.  I literally slept in the recliner for 7 hours, undisturbed – no getting up to pee or anything.  Now I’m feeling fully rested, and I’m wide awake.  I doubt I’m going to go back to bed, or that I’ll use the equipment again until tonight.

    Sigh.  What a way to start my Christmas Eve.

  • Seth & the Sleep Study -OR- How Not to Sleep

    Wednesday night I went in for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea.  I’ve been a pretty loud snorer all my life, and my brother and father have it so it was a pretty good bet. I’d read up on it, and their brochure said you could sleep comfortably in any position.

    Well, it took me many hours to fall asleep.  I was so uncomfortable, couldn’t get into a good position.  It was nearly impossible to sleep on my side like I usually do.  I didn’t fall asleep till after 2am, after being hooked up at 9pm.  It was horrible 🙁

    They eventually woke me up and put a CPAP mask on me to help.  It took quite some time to get used to breathing with. I eventually did sleep, and it did help.  It was still hard to sleep on my side.

    The worst part was all the wires they had attached to my head. It made it really hard to get comfy 🙁  Every time I tried to get into a good position I was pulling on wires.  I had no choice but to sleep on my back, and I don’t normally sleep on my back. I snore loudest there, so I sleep on my side.  With all that crap hooked up to me, I couldn’t sleep like I usually do.  It just sucked…

    But I survived. I should know the results in two weeks.

  • Wind Storm of 2017

    I survived the Wind Storm!  I was without power from Monday morning till Thursday night.  It wasn’t too horrible, but it got pretty cold at night.  Luckily my parents got power back on Tuesday, so I borrowed their generator.

    I have now survived the three worst power outage events in Maine history: Flood of 87, Ice Storm of 98, and Wind Storm of 17.  Yeah, its not that great a claim to fame.

    I did manage to put up some lights for Halloween this year, but naturally had no power on Halloween itself.

    Halloween 2017