Winter is upon us

Winter is here…. Ugh.  Roads were extremely messy today.  Didn’t really accomplish all that much… A few minor things here and there, but overall I feel today was pretty useless.

I need to get out of this rut…. I just wish I knew how 🙁  Or had someone to talk to at this point…  I’ve come to the conclusion that 0verall, 2010 was a pretty bad year.  Started out by me hitting the one year mark of unemployment.  Then I lost my apartment, lost my best friend I’d been living with for over 2 years, and all my other friends from that life seem to have grown so distant.  I’m now 30, and living in my parents basement, which has been something I tried to avoid for along time 🙁  My unemployment ran out this week, and it doesn’t look like Congress is going to extend it again.  Great time of year for that to happen!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week…. It snuck up on me.  And so far, all I can find to be thankful for is my family, and the roof over my head….

One Response to Winter is upon us

  1. Hey Seth, it will get better. Hard to listen to but it will get better. Just remember everything happens for a reason. You lost your apartment as a little sign that you were being used. You lost you best friend because in all actuality he wasn’t your best friend, just someone along for a free ride. Your unemployment ran out….maybe to let you know of other opportunities and better opportunities await you. 🙂