Christmas Loot

Merry Christmas everyone! Had a nice Christmas with my family.  Only downside was sharing a room with Cory last night.  I swear he has a colony of tiny little lumberjacks living in his throat…  Mental note: keep earplugs on hand.

Christmas Loot:

  • Assorted Clothing
  • Sun Visor for Car (HOORAY!!)
  • New Sunglasses (very shiny)
  • South Park – Seasons 11-13
  • 2 Family Guy StarWars DVDs
  • LEGO Star Destroyer Model
  • DuckTales Volume 1 DVD (god knows where Cory found it)
  • FM Transmitter/Car Charger for my Droid
  • Various little stuff

Over all, it was a great Christmas 🙂

One Response to Christmas Loot

  1. I got two Family Guy Star Wars DVDs as well, now I have all three!