Blah kinda day

Leg hurt all day today.  Didn’t even leave the house… just… ugh.  Did some more work on a few websites, and I’m planning a big overhaul of the Hobnobbers Pub website.  I wanna do some changes 🙂  Things like this keep me entertained.

Tomorrow I NEED to kidnap Eric and drag him up to Brownville Junction with me.  We gotta perform some internet tests in preparation for the Sled Dog Race thing this weekend.  Gotta make the decision if I’m gonna try running a live streaming camera or not.  Cross your fingers for me.

Was really hoping to catch Wayde online tonight, but no luck.  Guess he’s laying hardwoord or laminate floors, and the work is killing him 🙁  Although, I kinda wish I could find something like that to keep me busy.  I’m bored, lazy, and could REALLY use the exercise hahaha.

I guess its a good sign I should go to bed when Adult Swim has looped… I’m watching the same American Dad and Family Guy I watched much earlier this evening.  Catch you all tomorrow.