Genealogical Regrouping

I need to regroup…  I’ve got a to do list a mile long, and can’t seem to figure out where to focus 🙁  It would help if I could find someone else in the family to help with this project… Its quite the amount of work!

Need to decide if I want to keep working with the new online info from my research, or back-track and start entering in the massive Fitch Genealogy book.  It might be time for a change.  I’ve spent the last few months, off and on, working on the Barden family; so it might be time to switch back to the Fitch family 🙂

4 Responses to Genealogical Regrouping

  1. uhg, don’t re-do all that work.

  2. what’s wrong with what you already had done?

  3. If you get stuck just write that the person spawned from the essence of awesomeness

  4. I’m not redoing anything! It hasn’t been entered yet lol