9 Responses to Volume 6 (1967) is complete!

  1. I know it’d be “just another thing” to add, but since they’re done in “spreads.” Have you thought about outputting them as PDF spreads so they read like they originally did? This might also help them conform to the monitor dimensions?

  2. If i had any idea how to do that…..

  3. Are you using Adobe Acrobat to do your PDF’s?

  4. I just figured it out in Acrobat (a one click solution too!)

  5. Yeah, i scan them in Adobe. Also just upgraded the program 😀

  6. Properties > Initial View: Page Layout: Two Up (Cover Page)

  7. Figure it’d look spiffy later on when they started to align more. And it’s less scrolling (and looks spiffy on the center spreads)

  8. on the next volume i gotta redo my scanning… the files are getting WAY too big. This method was great back with short papers, but now they’re over 20 pages long!