Computer Madness

I’ve been on a run with computer stuff today.  Busy day at work, then on the way to Milo I got Dad a fancy new wireless printer.  I got that setup on all the computers, and WOW it works great.  Scanning and printing, totally wireless.  I want one 🙂  Only odd thing was the CD.  It ran once, and when i stuck it in the next computer, it stopped working.  Now it refuses to work period.  faulty disc or something.

After that, I started playing around with a Triple-Boot concept for  my iMac.  We use linux quite a bit at work, and I wanna get familiar with it again.  My iMac already boots Mac and Windows, so lets add Linux!  Sounds easy, right?  Nope.  Haven’t got it working yet.  Keep having issues with the boot cd.  Think i’m gonna try making a usb version instead.  But thats a tomorrow project. Its late, and I’m sleepy.

One Response to Computer Madness

  1. LOL you to good to be on facebook?! =^.^= Currently getting my host provider to do the server upgrades I have been trying to get done for a while… Hopefully the mysql/php upgrades don’t break my shit, but i got my shit backup-ed and databases backed up… Here’s to hoping. Have a good night man, gl with the linux boot.