Media Madness

Pure madness.  I have a laptop setup running my tv now (sans screen), and I’m loving it.  It plays my videos off my iMac over my gigabit network, and it plays my Netflix. I’ve been playing around with some different programs, trying to find some kinda media center program to handle all my media needs 🙂  Well, I found a few different options.

Boxee is a simple program, works as soon as you install it.  I was actually enjoying it, until I tried searching Netflix for a show.  Specifically, Rocko’s Modern Life, as I’ve been watching it the last few days.  Well, it didn’t show up.  Not even remotely.  I went online and added it to my Instant Queue, which is right in the Boxee program.  Zilch.  Still no Rocko.  I went researching online, and apparently its a problem with Boxee not liking to show anything on Netflix that has more than one episode, i.e. any tv show.  So phooey with Boxee.

Plex is pretty sexy. Fancy hi-def interface and whatnot.  Supposedly it does Netflix as well, but I got nowhere.  The App Store part of the program refused to load for me…  And on top of that, it was severely irritating to use!  Its designed to use exclusively with the Apple Remote 🙁  I don’t have one.  And it does NOT work with a mouse.  Only input I have on the machine is a wireless mouse, so that was pretty useless.  I don’t wanna use an entire keyboard.  I guess I could buy a remote, but meh.  Anyone got one laying around they aren’t using? haha.

I’ve given up for now.  Back to using a browser for Netflix, VLC for my video playback, and iTunes for music.

If anyone out there has some suggestions for other programs to try out, I’d love to have them!