4 Days ’til Christmas

I’ve set a new goal for myself.  I want to start writing in my blog more.  Let’s see how this goes.

The weather today was CRAZY!  It was misting rain this morning, and everything was freezing.  Leaving McDonald’s, my rear end slid around a bit.  After I got to work, it really started raining.  By lunch time, the roads were all frozen.  Jess and I tried going up a side street in Belfast, and ended up coming back down sideways.  Even did a few 360’s on the way.  It was quite the adventure.

When I got home tonight, the dirt parking lot behind my building was frozen SOLID.  I mean, it was thick ice.  I barely made it to the building without a broken leg.

Now I’m watching some Stargate Universe, and re-uploading the backup of the TRC Forums.  I knew upgrading it was a bad idea.  I’m just happy I thought to back it up first.

Merry Christmas everyone!