You have discovered 2012

Welcome to a new year.  I’m kinda glad 2011 is over. For me, it ended with a nasty cold that made me lose two days of work.  I’m looking forward to being healthy!

Ace came to visit for the weekend.  We’ve been playing alot of Fallout: New Vegas.  Its really finally gotten me back into the gaming mood.  Yay!!!

We went over to Jess & Derek’s to party for New Years.  We taught Ace how to play Cribbage, which was QUITE entertaining.

I don’t really have any New Years Resolutions…  They never work out for me anyways.  I guess the best I can come up with is I want to start playing video games again.  And after the last day of watching Ace play Fallout: New Vegas, I’ve decided to start my new gaming adventure with Fallout 3 🙂

OK, its late, I should go pass out.  Happy New Year everyone!