That Old Familiar Funk

I’ve hit my depressed funk again.  I reviewed my finances for the next few weeks today, and all it did was make me realize just how poor I am, and that its going to keep on continuing.  I’m 31 for crying out loud, shouldn’t something in life be looking up at this point?  It seems like I have fewer friends all the time, I’m always struggling to pay my bills on time, never have any spare money, I’ve been single for something like 2 years now, the list goes on.

I got no plan.  I got no vision of the future.  I don’t know where I’m heading anymore.

One Response to That Old Familiar Funk

  1. God I know exactly what you mean. 40 years until retirement (because I reckon retirement age will be 70 by then) and I can’t see a damn thing changing for the better in my life. Arrr. All I have to offer are commiserations.