To Dual Boot or Not to Dual Boot

I'm thinking of removing my Windows install on my iMac.  Its been serving as a Minecraft server since June, so it really doesn't get rebooted much.  And booting into Windows would mean the Minecraft server would be off, which is less than ideal.

To be quite honest, I only ever used it for gaming.  However, my MacBook Pro actually does gaming better, as it has a slightly more powerful graphics card (not newer, more powerful).  At any rate, I only ever use Windows on the laptop, and that is pretty sparing to say the least.  I think I'm just gonna remove Windows.  It'll also reclaim a chunk of hard drive space for my storage partition! 

Side Note: I'm writing this from Windows on my MacBook Pro. Booted it up to do updates, and realized I hadn't been in here since APRIL.