Milo Historical Society website updated!

I spent this evening doing some much needed updates on the Milo Historical Society website.  I finally updated the gloomy, ancient picture of the museum with a bright new one I took this summer for TRC. I've been meaning to do it for, well, quite some time now. Also took out some old broken pages, and updated the Missing List for the Town Crier page.

The photo gallery also received some drastic upgrades and changes.  I created an album for the massive collection of pictures from the Fire of 2008 that TRC collected.  I still need to sort through them (somewhere around 200 pictures), and get them uploaded.  

There is also an empty album titled "Evergreen Cemetery" now.  The National Honor Society at Penquis Valley has been photographing every tombstone in the cemetery, and will eventually be adding them to this album!

I'm also working out a way to integrate the video files from the "OurTown" project thing that the Historical Society was involved in several years back. They were doing interviews with older community members, and had a section on the website where the videos were uploaded.  The thing never went anywhere, but I at least want to preserve the 8 video files they had.

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  1. Oh, I also gave the page a fixed width. Now it wont expand on and on to fill screens and make the site look horrid.