Weekend Minecraft Report, Take 2

So, I tried to post last night, but my blog was being a bitch.  My first pic here is the current city map.  I finished filling in the new area!



I also spent a bit of time playing with redstone.  I modified my new city gates so that you can shut off the automatic open/close feature, and operate it manually.  I wanted to be able to lock the gate at my castle too, but those gates are operated by push buttons on either side.  So instead, I build a switch to lock the gate.  It pretty much just disables the operation of the buttons.

2014-06-22_23.34.29 2014-06-22_23.33.58

The next few pictures show the development of the new neighborhood.  I covered over an older, smaller section of the city to make room for some larger buildings.  I built a roof up over the old section, so its all enclosed.  The buildings above are constructed right onto the roofs of the buildings below. The last picture shows the finished buildings 🙂

2014-06-22_23.36.06 2014-06-22_23.36.39 2014-06-23_20.57.18 2014-06-24_00.09.18

Now all I have left is the new West Gate.  Its going to be just like the others, fully functional with the same features.  Problem is, I don’t have room to put one of those where the current West Gate is.  Which means, more expansion!! This last pic shows the current West Gate & Wall, and where I’m plannin to build the new gate/wall. It gives a little bit of area to expand… But I’m not sure I’m gonna put many buildings there. I might just plant a bunch of trees and have a small forest.  As an added possibility, theres a little shoulder of mountain up to the right that could hold a few buildings too 🙂