I’m surrounded by web stats

Just spent the evening screwing with multiple Piwik installations.  For those who don’t know, Piwik is a website analytics tool type thing.

Well, I upgraded the WayFar Piwik, and the TRC PiWik, and both started having issues.  Apparently I’ve upgraded so many times, the things were just starting to glitch. Found the solution was deleting ALL the files online, and uploading the current version fresh. Seems to be fine now.

Also was a little upset when I saw that Sethen.com had NO stats for months going back.  I hadn’t realized that every time my theme was getting updated, it was wiping the Piwik code out of the footer.  Found a simpler method: Install the damn plugin.  Now I even get charts and shit on my dashboard!  What fancy new things.

Now I’m sitting here waiting for the TRC Piwik to finish uploading so I can go to bed.  Good thing I took an inadvertent nap earlier.