TRC 8.1 Progress & Setbacks


Thanks to Fred Trask of Trask Insurance and Mike Russell of ProTech Solutions, TRC now has 12 all-new, live-streaming webcams!  We still have a few more in the works, up to a possible total of 19!  We’re also working on acquiring permission to use existing webcams on Sebec and Ebeemee lakes 🙂


Today we released 8 new Facebook pages, one for each town in TRC.  These pages will have news and local events more geared towards the individual town.  They also help expand our visibility on Facebook, as these pages show up in searches for our local towns, where TRC does not.


I also ran into a cumbersome setback today.  Part of our plan for these new Facebook pages was to have news articles and such from TRC pushed up to them, the same as our main news feed is pushed up to the TRC Facebook page. I have used RSSGraffiti (a Facebook App) to post our RSS feeds up to Facebook for quite some time now.  Well, today when I loaded them up to setup these new feeds, I stumbled across a notice that informed the service is shutting down on May 1st.  Hooray.  I use this app for 5 different feeds and 3 different pages 🙁  And here I am, trying to add 8 more feeds and pages to the damn thing.

I spent the afternoon researching alternative methods and didn’t find anything that was awesome as RSSGraffiti.  I discovered one service that has a free option that will JUST cover everything we currently have running.  Their base payed plan which is about $100/year would JUST cover this expansion to the 8 new pages.  And we don’t have that kind of regular money kicking around.

Needless to say, we’re going to be posting content to these new pages manually, at least for the time being.  I may look into some other methods first. I do have till May 1st after all.