Minecraft bug is itching

I’ve spent the last month or so really away from Minecraft.  I’ve been working on a backlog of web deisng stuff, and some bigger updates to TRC.  But now I think its time to get back to Minecraft some.  My list of things I plan to build NEEDS to get a bit shorter before summer. I plan on doing alot of kayaking this year.

I’m still having builders block with how to finish Pyke, so I’m not really sure where to start.  I have a pretty good idea of how I want to expand one city and add a Colliseum/Roman Circus/Arena type deal…  But I also have some pretty neat visions of an “ice city” off in the bit frozen wasteland to the far east.

I think to start I’m going to do the long-awaited update to some of the photo albums.  Most of my photos were taken over a year or two ago, but most places have been updated since then. Only the latest Cair Denbar album is pretty up-t0-date. (I haven’t really changed anything since then).  But alot of other places have had touch-ups and what-not.  Maybe I’ll even get motivated and make some more videos.

We will see.  Stay tuned…