Arthur’s Crossing has a Location

I have chosen Site C as the final location for Arthur’s Crossing.  I’ve layed out some plans on the attached picture.

The Blue area will be a tall spiky ice fortress/castle for the Prince of Nador. The Red area will be the inital settlement.  It will be a smaller town, with a decent outer wall.  The Purple areas are for future expansions.

The Green line will be the eventual outer limits of Arthur’s Crossing.  Once I’ve expaneded it a few times, I’ll build a fancy outer wall right along the water’s edge.  I figure the frozen river makes a nice moat 🙂

This project will probably go on for a long time.  I don’t plan on doing it all at once.  For starters, I’m going to build the castle the smallest portion.  Red and Blue lines.  Then I’ll probably venture off to one of the other dozen things on my list of plans.  Eventually I’ll come back and build an expansion or two, so and so forth.

This is the first “organic” city I’m going to document from the very start, so this should be a lot different 🙂 I usually just document during construction, but the last few big places I’ve built weren’t “organic”, they were much more planned and built as a whole.  It’s been a few years since I tackled a long-term project like this, so we’ll have to see how it goes!

Arthur's Crossing Plans