Spare Time + Boredom = Genealogy!

I decided to put all this spare time on my hands to good use, and jumped back into family genealogy.  I’ve been working straight for 2 weeks now, and I’ve accomplished a lot!  You’d be surprised how far a two week free trial on will  get you.

I started out working on some ancestors I wanted to know more about but didn’t get very far.  I DID manage to find where Michael Dolan came from in Ireland along with his parents’ names, but still can’t locate his immigration info.   I also didn’t get any further with the Barden name, and may have taken a step back. I thought William Barden had come from England, but I found more evidence pointing to him being born in Massachusetts.

I then decided to spend my time filling in as much of this tree that I could.  It shows 7 generations back from me.

Pedigree tree of Seth

I got as far as I could with  I managed to fill in a TON of ancestors for my Great Grandmother, Alice Louise Hoskins.  I found a lot of French heritage that had never been mapped out before!  Turns out her family all came form Canada, but they’d been in Canada since the beginning.  They were some of the first settlers 🙂

I also did some research back into Nancy Rumbaugh and found German heritage! I probably should have figured it out from the name.

Well, that’s all for now, I need a break from all this genealogy.