Imperial Skyport Updates

Alpha has a ton of airships and connecting airship routes.  They connect the various cities and locations around the world for easier travel.  My original concept was based on World of Warcraft, where the player walks up a tower and waits at a dock for the airship to arrive and transport them to the other end.  In Minecraft, I’ve set it up so that you walk to the end of a dock, and are instantly transported (via a portal) to the corresponding dock on the other end of the route.

The Airship Network has three major hubs, all located in the Imperial Republic of Denbar.  Agrazahn is by far the largest of the Skyports, as it has the most connections to other places.  It is also the central hub of trading in Alpha, so it made sense to have a major international skyport there.  Pelagrir also has a large international skyport, as it is the home of the airship builders.  Imperial City is the third and smallest hub.  It has connections to all the other cities in the Empire, except for one (it has a railway).

I spent the last few days updating the three major skyport hubs, adding in some details, and expanding a bit.  I also added some large signs displaying the city name!  Special thanks to Perry for making the letter banners for me!

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