Minor Setback(s)

I’ve attempted to migrate my Minecraft content from this website to the new one, and was met with multiple stages of disappointment and failure.

I had thought maybe if I downloaded all the media files from this site and uploaded to the new one, that the import/export feature of WordPress would do some nice magic.  I was mistaken.  It failed no matter what I did, and couldn’t access the files.  So scrap that idea.  Technology 1 | Seth 0

I then attempted to import all the posts from the Minecraft category and had mixed results.  I managed to get all the posts over, but the attached images were something else.  The FIRST time I ran the import, the images were working. They just loaded off the old site. I was OK with this!  But I ran into issues with categories, and had to start over. Every import after that, the images didn’t work. AT. ALL.  Technology 2 | Seth 1

In the end, its going to be simpler to just start fresh on the new site.  I can link back to the category archive here for anyone who actually wants to read through it.  This just means, sadly, I need to redo all my pictures.

So aside from this, I also messed around with my Genealogy website this morning.  It started out with trying to understand why the URL icon stopped working, and ended up with chasing madness down a rabbit hole.

The website has never sent out emails properly, and I decided to look at it again.  After a few attempts, I actually got it to send out an email to a new user!  But then the link back to authorize the email blew up on me.  I have yet to figure it out.

FINAL SCORE:  Technology 3 | Seth 1