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  • I can game again!

    My shiny new graphics card came in yesterday.  Lo and behold, I can play games again!!  Minecraft looks amazing, and has no lag unlike my laptop.  I can actually play Diablo III on high settings now!  It looks soooo much better!  And holy crap is it more responsive. It always felt sluggish on my laptop.  I installed Civilization V but I haven’t tried it out yet.  I’m kind of afraid I’ll get sucked back into it…..  Not ready for a binge of that yet.  *slowly moves mouse away from the Play button*

    But the best thing is that I can finally play Cities: Skylines!  I’ve been drooling over this for months, ever since I bought it on sale and had no computer to play it on.  I’m an old-school SimCity addict.  I didn’t care for the last SimCity, but this game is what I needed.

    I haven’t actually done very much yet, still getting the feel of things. Its been YEARS since I played a SimCity style game, and this one is pretty complex.  I love it!  I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it once I really get building 🙂


  • Adventures in Simulation -OR- SimDisappointment 4.0

    I hate to admit, that the last few months I’ve been thinking about SimCity again.  I was a huge addict in the past, even had an entire nation of interconnected cities.  I started long, long ago with SimCity on the SNES. The hey-day of my SimCity years was on SimCity 2000, when I played alot with my buddy Tom.  We invented competing nations of cities that went on for years.  I eventually upgraded to SimCity 3000 and then to SimCity 4, the last one I played.  I never attempted the newest version, as I read a ton of horrible reviews, and it seemed to limit your city size compared to 4.  See, I enjoy the game, but I enjoy designing massive cities more.  In 4 I had an entire region that was a massive metropolis.

    Yesterday, I came across an ad for Cities: Skylines.  After doing a bit of research I realized this is what the next SimCity should have been.  It looks amazing!  I even read 2 reviews that say it has dethroned SimCity as the top city simulator (which SimCity has ALWAYS been).

    Then I realized that it was on sale for $7.50 for the next day, price is normally $30.  So I bought it!  Thats a hell of a deal to stumble across.  So I downloaded it, got it installed, and naturally it runs like shit on my aging MacBook Pro.  I kinda expected that to be honest.  But hey, for $7.50 its worth it.  And someday once I get a good gaming PC, oh look I already have it!

    At this point I decided I needed some nostalgia, so I went to install SimCity 4 and look through my old cities.  This is where the frustration and disappointment set in.  You see, SimCity 4 was an old PowerPC application. It stopped working on Mac a few systems ago.  But there WAS a patch to fix it and make it work.  I went through the install process only to find out the patch no longer works, and nobody has updated it.

    Began researching what flaming hoops I needed to jump through to get this working, when lo and behold they re-released SimCity 4 on the Mac App Store, guaranteed to work with MacOS Sierra.  For $20 goddamn dollars. I know, thats not so horrible, but I already own it!!!  Not to mention I don’t have a spare $20.

    So here we are.  I have a craving to play something SimCity-esque, and I’m thwarted at every turn.  Back to Minecraft it is… Maaaaybe Diablo 3 if I’m feeling adventurous.