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  • I got the job!!

    I got the job in Belfast!  I start on Monday. Mom and I are headed down that way right now to look at some apartments. I found an efficiency, one big room for 475 a month. Very affordable! Had found an awesome place in Searsport, cheap with all utils included, but it was already rented lol.

    Wish me luck!

  • Figure this one out

    The state’s unemployment rate has fallen from 8.0 to 7.9.  A whopping .1% shift.  And because of this, they’re reducing the unemployment thing I’m currently on.  I’m being dropped 3 weeks earlier than I was originally going to be, simply because a handful of people found jobs.  The best part is that the unemployment rate will be falling again.  When the kick me, and god knows how many other people off it, the rate will go down.  If we aren’t filing for it, then we aren’t counted.

    Sounds to me like a massively stupid plan to reduce the unemployment rate, and screw poor bastards like me who can’t find work.

  • Are the pastures greener towards the south?

    Thinking of regrouping on my job search efforts and starting to look further south… in the New Hampshire area.  Been applying to tons of places in Maine lately and getting absolutely nowhere 🙁  I don’t even end up hearing back from most places.  It gets pretty depressing.

    Hoping to have better luck in NH.  Nick is lonely down there and could use a friend, and I could really use a fresh start.

  • Job Search Update

    Still looking for work…. Been unemployed for over a year and half now.  Its pretty sad when you get right down to it.  There just aren’t any jobs out there.  I’ve been applying my ass off, and I have a pretty tall stack of rejection letters to prove it.  Every one of them says they found someone more qualified.  The best one of all was from UMF.  The Institution that GAVE me my degree, won’t even hire me.  I wonder if I can get a refund on my college degree….