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  • Busy Day

    I had a busy day in Milo today.  I went up for the grand opening of the shiny new Visitor’s Center that the Kiwanis built.  Saw some people I hadn’t seen in awhile, took a few pictures (that my phone then magically decided it never took).

    I spent the afternoon helping Dad clean out his shed. I ended up with a literal truck load of STUFF that was once mine.  On the upside, I did find my big awning tent that Dad thought someone else had.  It was just hiding in the far back of the shed.  I also found my NES and SNES!  I haven’t even dared to plug them in yet… Especially since the case of the NES is in two pieces for some odd reason.  Now if I could just locate the missing box with all the games in it… Only found a few with the systems.  I also managed to grab my hammock!

    Dad and I then spent a bit of the afternoon wandering around Evergreen Cemetery in Milo.  I was going over a bunch of the genealogy stuff I’d found lately, and suddenly we were looking for graves in the cemetery.  We didn’t find much we didn’t already know about. I need to put together a list and he’s going to talk to his buddy Bob who runs the cemetery. He has a fancy book with the location of everyone in it and can at least point us in the right direction.

    Now I must go, Buddy is being needy and wants attention. He hates that I left him alone last night.

  • New Life: 1 Week Down

    I’ve been living in Milo for a little over a week now.  Actually started my new job a week ago tomorrow.  Time is flying… not really.

    I’ve reclaimed my old-old room.  Previously this was known as Cory’s Room, but I hereby reclaim it as mine. After all, it was orginally mine before he was born haha.  I just can’t do the basement anymore, its too damp.

    The job is going pretty good.  At times i’m till feeling a bit nervous and close to overwhelmed, but its going good.  Busy busy busy.  Lots of things to learn 🙂

    I need to sleep…

  • Weekend Statistics

    Here are some numbers from my weekend:

    • 8 Towns
    • 175 Pictures
    • 1 Amazing afternoon in the pool
    • 1 Crack in my windshield

    I spent the weekend in Milo working on a massive project related to my TRC Overhaul.  I spent two days covering all eight towns taking pictures for the new website.  Most of the pictures currently on TRC are WAAAY outdated, and it was time.  I figured with two bright sunny days, it was time. I got 175 pictures in total, most of which are duplicates. I wanted to make sure I had options in case something came out blurry!

    I then spent the afternoon floating in the pool at my parents, and I loved it! I really miss having a pool. I need to visit more often.

    But then, on my way out of the driveway to head home to Searsport, I noticed a damn crack in my windshield. It had to be caused by the heat or something, as it WASN'T there when I got back from taking pictures.  I'm slightly irritated over it. But its down low on the passenger side, so it isn't a hazard or anything.  Sigh.

  • Memorial Day Disgrace

    Now I don’t wanna get off on a rant here…  But my high school band was very disappointing today in Milo’s Memorial Day Parade.  To my knowledge, this is the first year they haven’t marched. They road on a flat-bed trailer.  But oh no, it doesn’t stop there.  They weren’t in uniform, matching shirts, or even matching colors. They were in an odd mish-mash of red/white/blue.

    When I was at Penquis Valley, we practiced marching for over a month in preparation for the parade. We marched circles around the high school parking lot until we had it right (or at least passably decent).  It just doesn’t seem right for a Memorial Day parade to NOT march.

    To top it all off, the district’s elementary schools now have a band (with my old band director). And they were MUCH more impressive.  They were marching (and surprisingly enough mostly in step), and they had uniforms.  Oh, and there were at least 3 times as many people in the Elementary Band as the High School Band.

    But that’s just my opinion as a member of the “Alumni Band”, I could be wrong.

  • Weekend Report

    It was a pretty eventful weekend.  Spent yesterday on an adventure with Monica and Mo to Milo and the Sled Dog Races.  The Races were pretty much a bust, we showed up at the extreme tail-end of the thing.  Curse us for wanting to sleep in one day in a week.  We explored Milo, saw all the sights, and had a delicious beef stew with my parents.

    Today was pretty lazy.  I woke up all energized and ready to be productive. I bagged up my mountain of returnables, but got pretty discouraged when I walked across the street to find the machine out of order.  Then I got lazy, spent the rest of the day doing pretty much nothing.

    Now though, I need to get to bed.  I gotta get some good sleep.  I’m not sure what point I fell asleep on the couch last night, but I remember waking up at 5am and stumbling my way to bed.  Then I kept waking up all morning.  Apparently I slept good on the couch!  But I’ve been sleepy all day.  Good night all.