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  • Planning in the Frozen Land of Nador

    I thought I had settled on a location for my Ice City, but I found a few other nice locations and now I can’t decide.  Since I’ve been stuck on this problem for a week now, I’m looking for opinions.

    Frozen Land of Nador
    Frozen Land of Nador

    I have chosen the name “Nador” from an obscure line in Month Python’s Holy Grail: “Arthur crossed the frozen land of Nador”.  So here we have Nador, and we need to pick a location for its capital: Arthur’s Crossing.  Yes, its a play on King’s Landing.  I’m looking to build this as an organic city, one that starts out small, and grows; similar to Imperial City and Agrazahn.  Pictures are at the bottom.

    SITE A
    Site A is a point of land surrounded by a frozen river.  What I like here is the natural cave system thats open to the surface. It makes for a nice place to start a small settlement, protected from the elements.  I think regardless of whether I pick this spot for the City, I will still build something in this cave 🙂  We have some decent hills here to build a castle upon (I like my castles up high).

    SITE B
    Here there is a nice crescent-moon type hill above a mostly flat naturally-defined bit of land.  This was the original spot I had chosen, and I do still kinda like it.  I pictured the royal castle on the crescent-hill, but I really don’t think its big enough now that I’ve looked closer.  The hill across the river might work better.. But what this spot really lacks is some defining landscape feature. There isn’t much going on here, just a large flat open area.

    SITE C
    This is a nicely defined “island” created by a looping river.  The frozen river that loops around could be used as a type of moat, with the city walls built right up against it on the inside.  There are also two large hills here to build something impressive upon, be it a castle, temple, whatnot.  And there’s plenty of room to start a small town in the center, and then grow it to fill the “island”

    SITE D
    Very similar to Site C (actually, its just south of it, the bottom half of the figure-8 river islands), but its a bit smaller. It also has one mountain, but its a bit larger and I kind of like it better for an imposing ice-fortress type castle 🙂

  • Arthur’s Crossing has a Location

    I have chosen Site C as the final location for Arthur’s Crossing.  I’ve layed out some plans on the attached picture.

    The Blue area will be a tall spiky ice fortress/castle for the Prince of Nador. The Red area will be the inital settlement.  It will be a smaller town, with a decent outer wall.  The Purple areas are for future expansions.

    The Green line will be the eventual outer limits of Arthur’s Crossing.  Once I’ve expaneded it a few times, I’ll build a fancy outer wall right along the water’s edge.  I figure the frozen river makes a nice moat 🙂

    This project will probably go on for a long time.  I don’t plan on doing it all at once.  For starters, I’m going to build the castle the smallest portion.  Red and Blue lines.  Then I’ll probably venture off to one of the other dozen things on my list of plans.  Eventually I’ll come back and build an expansion or two, so and so forth.

    This is the first “organic” city I’m going to document from the very start, so this should be a lot different 🙂 I usually just document during construction, but the last few big places I’ve built weren’t “organic”, they were much more planned and built as a whole.  It’s been a few years since I tackled a long-term project like this, so we’ll have to see how it goes!

    Arthur's Crossing Plans

  • Construction has begun in Nador

    After a long bout of not playing Minecraft, I have finally begun construction on my frozen city.  It only took months, and an entire new patch to Minecraft, but here we are.

    Since this city is intended to be more organic, I started with the castle.  I want to follow a similar pattern to how Imperial City has developed.  Going to start with the castle, then build a small village/town with it.  From there it will slowly grow like Imperial City has.

    So far its all made of one material, not designed very well.  Working on getting the layout perfect.  I’m thinking of calling it Castle Pendragon. Here are some pics:

  • Progress continues on Castle Pendragon

    I’ve been slowly working on Castle Pendragon, in the Frozen Land of Nador.  The walls are closed in, windows are in, and the heating systems have been installed (i.e. lots of fireplaces).  I’m still tweaking the outside design of the building here and there. The inside has the rooms mostly laid out except on the lower levels, and theres a lot of furnishing left to do.  Progress will continue…



  • Castle Pendragon is complete

    Construction on Castle Pendragon is complete.  Phase #1 of Project: Nador is done!  The castle is the home to the Prince of Nador, who obviously rules over the Frozen Land of Nador.  I’m going to leave it as just the castle for a bit, then come back and construct the first portion of Arthur’s Landing.  It will start as a small town, and grow into the large city I have envisioned.

    Here are some pics of the finished castle!

  • Phase 2 begins in Arthur’s Crossing

    Construction on my frozen city, Arthur’s Crossing, has finally begun!  I started planning this location just over 2 years ago.  Last March, I built the first structure here – Castle Pendragon, the home of the Prince of Nador.  Today I began construction on the village/town with the city’s temple.

    I also updated my graphic showing my plans in Arthur’s Crossing, as the castle didn’t end up where I had initially planned.

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