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  • Success

    Just wanted to update everyone on how I’m doing.  I got the Admin logins working off the new forums.  I still have a long way to go though.  The forums are locked down, so don’t even try registering for a new account yet.  It’ll be a few more days.  I still have some tweeks, updates, and bugs to work out.

    On a side note, I also need to do something with the TRC Photo Album.  Its logins were synced with the old forums, but luckily, I should be able to sync them the same way with the new forums.  Ran into one downside though: the photo album is several versions outdated.  I need to work on upgrading it first, then attaching it.  For the time being, I’ve simply locked down the photo album.  Everything is still there, but logins are messed up right now, and I don’t want anything worse to happen to it.

    There will be a big announcement on the TRC Homepage when everything is back up and running.  For now, keep watching here for more updates!

  • Stumbling block

    Things were going to well.  It seems I have the admin logins all working great, but my method for making them work on the TRN domain no longer seems to work. I’ve spent an hour trying to figure it out.  I need it to set a cookie on the other domain, which requires it to trigger a script remotely.  It doesn’t wanna let me on the new forums 🙁  Something I gotta work around… or disable.  Ugh.

    Break time. I need to step away from all this for awhile.  My head is spinning with php code.

  • For my next trick

    I’ve got a base install of the new forums installed.  Don’t bother trying to check it out or make an account, its all locked down for now.  Still got alot of work to do.

    I moved the old forums to try and preserve them, maybe get some content out of them, but I guess they were in worse shape than we thought.  I moved them to a different location, and they broke entirely.  I can’t seem to get them to do anything now, and honestly I don’t think its worth it. We’re going to start completely fresh.

    More to come….

  • Step One: Complete

    Huzzah!  I have managed to invent a method to use the NEW forums for my TRC Admin Logins.  This is very important, as I don’t want to operate a separate login system.  Downside is I need to recode a bit of stuff.  I can’t do it by username like I had before, I have to use the user ID number.  Blah.

    Now I’m onto Stage #2.  Researching what I’ll need to do to continue having the photo album linked to the forums.  Again, multiple logins drive me nuts.  I like having everything the same.  I believe I can do it.  BUT, in this process, I realized the Photo Album is several versions behind, and could really use an upgrade.  Not sure how intense that will be yet, or if i’m going to bother.  The photo albums have been giving issues lately as well I hear.  I may just shut them down for a bit, and get to fixing it later, as I’ve done with the Forums 😛

    More to come.  Break time.