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  • New Gadget: USB Microphone

    I am the proud new owner of a USB Microphone, picture below.  I’m hoping this will help with the horrible audio issues I ran into last year at the Prize Drawing for the Schoodic Lake Ice Fishing Derby.  I’ve broadcast the event live on TRC for quite a few years now, but the last few years we ran into some pretty horrid sound issues.  The built-in mic on my usb webcams just haven’t been cutting it.  This is a nice looking microphone!

    I’m actually contemplating buying a nicer webcam to go with it now.  I currently have a pretty decent one I picked up at work, but it failed me this past summer when trying to broadcast a parade outdoors.  It had some issues with white balance, and washing out to white when encountering reflections.  I think a nice new Logitech camera might be in order…


  • T-Minus 9 Days

    Today was gorgeous!  I spent the afternoon at the beach soaking in some sun, and hopefully not getting burned (jury is still out). I also ran a very successful live streaming webcam test.  I'm planning to run a live stream of the Black Fly Festival in Milo next weekend, and I found a newer, simpler way to do it. In the past, we had this complex port-forwarding program we used. I hated it.  My new method uses Google+'s "Hangout on Air" feature, which will automatically stream the Hangout onto YouTube.  This has to be the simplest way to share a stream to anyone, anywhere. YouTube is pretty universal 🙂  I got some great feedback on my test run, and it turned out pretty good.  We're all set to go for next weekend 🙂 I then spent the rest of the day preparing a project for TRC, which I will discuss in more detail in my next post.

  • Milo Webcam Update

    I stopped into Trask’s today and investigated what’s up with the Milo Webcam.  Turns out the ethernet cable that runs up the building to the camera got hit by something, and one of the wires broke.  We either need to replace the entire cable (not fun), or find a way to splice an ethernet cable properly on the outside of a building.

    Anyone got suggestions or want to help??

  • Webcam Update

    I guess it was supposed to have the stuff I’m missing in the box. They’re gonna send me another one that’ll be opened and inspected, and have me ship this one back. Blah….

  • Schoodic Lake Webcam

    Sometime next week I’ll be installing the new Schoodic Lake Webcam.  I’ve got the camera, just waiting on the outdoor housing to get here.  This new camera is an Axis 211W, our first wireless webcam!

    It will be on the south shore of Schoodic Lake, in Lake View Plantation, with a gorgeous view of the lake and Mt. Katahdin.  As with all the other TRC webcams, it will update every 5 seconds and archive every five minutes.

    Should be an interesting install….  We’re putting the camera on a boathouse, and it will be right up over open water.  Just pray that we don’t drop the thing in the lake while we’re setting it up…  far too expensive for that.